Suicide Letter edited by VERB

Title: Suicide Letter 
 – The Last Words Left Behind by Five Youths –
Author: edited by VERB
Published: 2004
Translated by: Aya M.
Why did they choose to end their lives?
This work of non-fiction compiles together real suicide letters left behind by youths who took their own lives, along with letters of response written by their families. It delves deep into heart of the reasons why they chose the path of suicide. As the families attempt to piece together the facts in the face of tragedy, they reflect on the value of life and the bond between family.


4 Responses to Suicide Letter edited by VERB

  1. Vally says:

    I have never had the chance to read a “suicide letter”. Though I heard of a couple of young kids who killed themselves in the little town where I live. And my first thought has always been “why did they do that?” You must be really desperate and have lots of courage. Most of the time they have a lovely family, lots of friends, school is doing well, everything seems just perfect but the truth is IT’S NOT.
    I am really interested in reading this novel, maybe I can find some answers to my questions.

    Keep it up!

  2. Haruki-kun says:

    Finished reading all four chapters posted here so far, can’t wait for the last story~

    This really is an eye-opener on human psychology. Kinda made me realise just how strong or weak people can get. It’s interesting to know how people who commit suicide rationalise why they have to do it. While I know it takes a lot of courage to do such thing (heck, I wouldn’t do it even if I were being bullied like hell), I also find it so hard to take that they thought that the only way out of their situation was dying. Well, except for that story where the man was manic-depressive, that I understand. He couldn’t help it, could he? It’s a mental disorder, after all. I bet that no matter how much he wanted to control it, he couldn’t stop himself from feeling like that. But for the others, well… I guess it’s also got to do with how one is brought up and the environment one lives in, huh? I mean, almost all of them didn’t even think of fighting back in a more optimistic way. One of the suicidees wrote that suicide was his way of fighting back. Anyway, maybe it’s because the Japanese are, like, passive-aggressive? I dunno…

    Reading all their stories, I realised that the best thing to do is find someone (who isn’t also suicidal like you) to talk to about your problems, like your parents, siblings, close & trusted friends, so you won’t go crazy from thinking about your problems.

  3. yukix3suju says:

    Hi, may I know where is the last chapter? Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi,
      thank you for posting. The last chapter hasn’t been posted yet because I haven’t finished it yet!
      I forgot to bring it with me when I moved to Japan. It seems to be an obscure book since I haven’t found it in bookstores.

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