An Introduction

Hello visitor!

If this is your first time, I recommend that you read this post to get a sense of what this blog is about and what I hope to do with it!

What kind of blog is it?
I started this blog as a way of posting my translations of Japanese novels I have read and loved. I noticed that there are many great novels that have yet to be translated into English, and I hope that by translating them into English, it will allow the individual novels as well as the authors to get more exposure.

How do you choose which novels to translate?
Simple—if I love it, I will translate it. I already have a list of Japanese novels that have yet to be translated into English that I would love to have the opportunity to translate (time allowing).

Do you take suggestions for future titles to translate?
Of course, I’m always on the look out for good reads, so I would be open to suggestions, but since I’ve just graduated and I will be up to my neck in student debt for some time, I don’t have the kind of cash needed to buy every single book that catches my eye. However, it’s always worth a shot. Suggest a title, and I’ll keep my eye out for it in the future.

But this novel has already been published in English…?
If you find that a title that has been translated here has been officially translated and published in English, please let me know right away. It is not my intention to compete with the companies who are releasing the officially translated novel. I started this blog as a way of allowing readers of English access to novels which would normally be inaccessible to them due to the language barrier.

Can I share the translations on other websites?
Please do NOT share these translations on any other website. You can, of course, give the link to this page so that others can check it out, but I do not want to see postings of these translations on other sites. I am doing this out of my love for the novels and authors. I do not get compensated in any way for translating these novels, so please do not give me a reason to stop posting the translations here.


4 Responses to An Introduction

  1. ayumi says:

    way to go. this is pretty cool of you and I know it’s a lot of work, so you must really like these novels! (I came here because I liked your comment about the manga Odin no Bara on Michex)

    • Hi Ayumi!

      Thanks for posting! I checked out your blog—I think it’s great how you’re giving spotlight to less well known manga titles!

      As one fellow translator to the next, it is hard work, but I hope you share my thoughts when I say that it’s fun and rewarding as well 🙂

  2. Hi! I really like your site. I review Japanese books, translations, and films on my blog (bungakublog). Please give it a look!

    Also, I would like to know what kind of textbooks you used to teach yourself Japanese.


    • Thanks for posting!

      Your blog looks really interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any of the books or films you’ve reviewed! I’ll have to check them out.

      To answer your question: I didn’t teach myself Japanese. I was born in Japan and lived there until I was five. I did take some Japanese courses while attending university, but they were more Japanese reading comprehension and writing courses that assumed you knew the grammar. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help to you ^^ On a side note though, I find reading novels and watching TV programs (not anime) is a great way to expand your vocabulary and get a sense of how people use words, grammar, etc. in real life.

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