The Soap Bubble Prologue (pg 1-14)

November 25, 2013


        The instant he ignored the red light and cut across the intersection, the sharp sound of a car honking made the air quiver. He flinched instinctively, and the handles of his motorcycle wavered.
        “Moron! Do you have a death wish?!”
        He heard a man shout angrily from somewhere in the pitch darkness. Izumi Shouto hastily regained his balance before sticking his tongue out and heading towards the darkness that lay on the other side of the intersection. Since he wasn’t familiar with this place, there was nothing for him to do for the time being but to continue riding on. The wind rang in his ears, and it felt as if the engine noise of the motorcycle that he was riding was chasing after Shouto himself.
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“The Soap Bubble” by Nonami Asa

October 8, 2013

Title: Shabon Dama (The Soap Bubble)
Author: Nonami Asa
Published: 2004
Translated by: Aya M.
Shouto has been on the wrong side of the law for as long as he can remember. After realizing that his latest crime may have resulted in a death, he escapes into the Japanese countryside. There, he runs into an elderly woman who mistakes him as her grandson! The other elders in the community also welcome him with open arms and treat him as one of their own.

The truth begins to unravel however when a familiar figure comes back to town…

The Alliance of the 15s Part 5 (pg 192-247) end

August 9, 2013

Chapter 5

        I walked through the quiet connecting corridor to the lobby for outgoing patients. If it were here, there was the liveliness of background noise despite it being part of the hospital. There was the constant stream of announcements for patients and the sounds of people moving about. I felt the warmth that had enveloped my heart suddenly diffuse. I struggled for breath as I rushed past the lobby.
        I bumped into Tetsuya at the entrance of the hospital.
        He flashed a carefree smile my way.
        “So you finally went to visit her, huh? Took you long enough. She must’ve been psyched, right?”
        “I guess…”
        I gave a vague answer.
        “So what? You’re leaving already? Hey, why don’t we go visit her room together this time?”
        “I can’t. I don’t have any time.”
        “Oh, really?”
        His smile remained on his face as he lifted his hand into a light wave. “Okay, then see ya.”
        I said my goodbyes before turning to leave.
        I cut across the front garden. As I made it to the road, I turned around and I saw that Tetsuya was still standing at the entrance of the hospital. He was waving his hand as a child would. His childish innocence touched my heart. For someone like me who with a secret, it made me want to look away from such innocence.
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The Alliance of the 15s Part 4 (pg 149-192)

July 26, 2013

Chapter 4

        The gruelling days of summer began.
        I decided to take the summer course for five subjects targeted to those studying to get into a municipal high school at a major cram school. There were mock exams in the morning, and classes in the afternoon. It didn’t finish until the evening, so I had it arranged to have my private lesson for piano and listening moved to the evening. On the days when I didn’t have those lessons, I spent that time studying music theory. After that, having waited for my mother’s private lessons to finish up, I went down into the basement and played the piano into the early hours of the morning.
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Found someone else sharing the translations online…

July 22, 2013

…this time, they are putting up PDF files of it for download on some message board.


The Alliance of the 15s Part 3 (pg 103-149)

June 10, 2013

Chapter 3

        Weaving my way through the bustling city center, I headed towards the train station. I purchased a train ticket and went through the ticket gate. I could see the over bridge that led to the platform that was opposite to the one on this side. My feet came to a stop.
        I could hear the sound of the train; it’s the one heading to the opposite platform. If I ran up the stairs, I could probably make it in time to catch it.
        The fourteen story apartment. The wind that blew across the hallway. The gently sloping hill and the range of mountains that could be seen in the distance.
        The moment my feet began to move, a smell assaulted my nose for an instant; it was the smell of antiseptic. The heavy atmosphere that I had felt the first time I had gone into the storage room of the hospital to borrow the VCR player washed over me in waves.
        The train came to a smooth stop at the opposing platform. I fought to breathe as I gazed at the white train with its horizontal brown line.
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Working Status

June 4, 2013

UPDATED: June 5, 2013

Hello readers!

Yes, I’m still alive (it’s hard to believe, I know)!

I have been slacking off a little as of late— blame it on the summer heat! But have no fear, I am almost finished translating the next chapter and it should be up in the next week or two.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!